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  Rate Calculation  
  What does the number next to a listing mean?
The number you see next to every listing is its rating, a figure that combines three essential advisor attributes:

  • Quality—how many stars (on a 1-to-5 scale) customers give this advisor after each call (note: Quality ratings can only be given for calls or Mails that cost $2.00 or more, unless it is the customer's first contact with a given advisor. Customers may only rate up to 3 calls or Mails per day with any given advisor);
  • Reliability—the number of calls this advisor has missed;
  • Service—how often customers choose to have extended conversations with this advisor.
The listings you see when you visit a topic appear in order of their overall rating, from highest to lowest. This makes it easier for customers to find our most popular and successful advisors -- and for advisors to be rewarded for their hard work and success with more prominent placement on the site!

How does the rating system work?
Customers can give a rating for each call or Mail on which they've spent $2.00 or more (note: customers can always give a rating for their first call to any given advisor. Customers may rate up to 3 calls or Mails per day with any given advisor). Customers have up to 14 days to give a rating. Each listing's rating rises or falls according to the following formula:

Event Rating Result
Each missed call*: minus 2 points
Each 15 minutes**: plus 2 points
Each 5-star rating: plus 2 points
Each 4-star rating: plus 1 point
Each 3-star rating: 0 points
Each 2-star rating: minus 1 point
Each 1-star rating: minus 2 points
Each customer acquired***: plus 3 points

* While an advisor is listed as Available. Note: If you press "2" to not accept a call, that call is regarded as a missed call and receives a minus 2 point rating.
** Applicable to calls costing at least $.25 per minute more than the basic connection rate. Note: "Free minutes" do not count toward 15-minute rating bonuses.
***Each member who enters a credit card and puts money into his or her account for the first time during a call to this listing.

Your rating appears next to the listing itself and on your personal home page. All listings are rated as "New" for the first three months they're on the site, or until they receive their first call (a listing that goes three months without receiving a call will be given a "0" rating).

What about Mail?
A Paid Mail must be worth at least $2.00 to be eligible to be rated.

What about Recorded Listings?
Your Recorded Listings are available 24 hours a day to anyone who want to listen to them. Their overall rating will consist of the points they gain or lose, according to the above formula, when customers rate them after the call.


The number of stars you see by an advisor's listing indicates the average rating (on the 1-to-5 scale described above) that he or she has received from customers who have called this listing in the past.

Stars help customers choose which advisor to call for advice -- and reward advisors for their number of satisfied customers.


In addition to a star rating, customers may also leave written feedback of their experience with the advisor. This review of their experience, also helps customers choose which advisor to call for advice. Written comments will be displayed with the listing for 12 months.

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