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What is My Customers?
My Customers is a feature that enables you to track, organize and communicate with your customers. My Customers give you visibility into information about your customers that you may use to analyze and build effective customer marketing programs.

The main view is a list of all your customers (except the ones you've placed on your Blocked list) and all the important information you would want to know about them, such as number of calls, mails (sent and received), recorded calls, lifetime spend with you, last contact date, contact type and which customer list you put them in. You can assign them to a list from this page, find out more detailed history, send mail, and much more. The key benefit of this feature include:

  • Customers who are new to you in the last 30 days will be flagged as "new" in red next to the user name.
  • Red flag indicators signifying missed calls; these can be removed by clicking the icon.
  • Mail communications with customers are tracked separately by those that were "sent" versus "received" per customer.
  • The last contact date along with the contact type per customer will be displayed, and we've added a complete list of contact types, such as call rec'd, mail sold, recorded call, tried callback, and so on.
  • We've added the capability to adjust the amount of customer records you're viewing per page (10, 20, 30, 40, 50) along with pagination functionality, giving you the ability to see where you are in My Customers.
  • On customer contact history pages, we've given "Offers" their own section. You now can easily view the number and value of offers you've sent to that customer.

Here are detailed descriptions of My Customers features:

My Customers Columns
My Customers Action Buttons
My Customers Links
My Customers Details
My Customers Lists

My Customers -- Columns

Clicking a customer's checkbox marks him or her to be affected by one of the action buttons above and below the table: Send Mail, Block or Assign to List.

Clicking the checkbox in a column header will fill the checkboxes in every row of the table. Clicking the checkbox in the column header again will clear all the checkboxes.

New Customers (indicated by "new")
A "new" next to a user name indicates this customer is new to you in the last 30 days. You'll see "new" until you use the checkbox to compose Mail, move the customer to the Blocked list, or assign the customer to another list.

Customer - Alpha Sort
This alphabetically sorts, ascending and descending, by customer  user name. Clicking on a name in this column sends you to the Customer Detail Page for that customer.

Missed call (indicated by "red flag")
This column indicates whether you just missed a call with that customer. Any followup -- either Mail or a successful call -- gets rid of the Missed call icon.

Live Advice (phone icon)
This column shows the number of live calls you've had with this customer.

Clicking on the column header sorts the table according to total number of calls with each customer; clicking it again will sort from least calls to most.

Recorded Listing(headphone icon)
This column shows the number of Recorded Listing calls you've had from each customer. It otherwise works exactly like the Live Advice column, above.

Sent Mail and Received Mail (envelove icons)
This two columns show the number of Mail contacts you've had with each customer, sent by you or sent to you by your customer (received). It otherwise works exactly like the Live Advice and Recorded Listing columns, above.

Lifetime Earnings
This is the amount of mail and call transactions this customer has generated for you in their lifetime of being your customer.

Note: These numbers don't include (1) connection rate or (2) the 43% which PsychicCenter collects.

Last Contact (date)
This column sorts your customers according to the date the last interaction occurred with them starting with the most recent. Clicking this header again will reverse the order.

Contact Type
This describes the interaction between you and your customers. The twelve types are: Call Received, Call Missed Received, Call Featured Listing Received, Callback Attempt, Callback Received, Call Recorded Received, Mail Sent Sold, Mail Sent, Mail Received, Mail Received Sold, Mail Tip Sent, Mail Tip Received.

Customer Lists
This column shows each customer's current status, including customers you've assinged to lists, Blocked (for customers whom you've blocked), and Unassigned (for customers who haven't been assigned to any Customer List). Clicking on this column header sorts the table alphabetically by customer type, ascending and descending.

My Customers -- Action Buttons

Send Mail
This button opens a Send Mail page addressed to that customer. If you click the checkbox for more than one customer and then click Send, your Mail will be sent to all those customers. No one will see anyone else's name on this Mail.

This button puts a customer on your Blocked Customer list, and he or she will not be able to call you or send you Mail.

Assign to List
This button opens a page which lets you assign customers to a given Customer List.

Display List
This button and pulldown updates the table with a given Customer List.

My Customers -- Links

Main View
This link returns you to your complete list of customers on My Customers Main View.

Customer Lists
This link you to your Customer List management screen, where you can create and define new Customer Lists and manage your current lists.

My Customers -- Customer Details

Customer Identification
If a customer has a photo on his or her member page, it will appear at the top of the page beside their user name. Clicking that user name will send you to their member page. Clicking Send Mail will open a Compose Mail page addressed to this customer.

Contact Summary Box
This box contains a breakdown of information specific to your interactions with this customer, including both the days since and the date of your last contact. You'll also see an Alert prompting you to get back in touch with a customer you haven't recently contacted; clicking the Alert link will open a Compose Mail window addressed to that customer.

Customer Type
This pulldown and Update button let you assign a customer to a different Customer List.

Contact Summary Table
This table presents one-line summaries of each of your interactions with a given customer. The table can be sorted by any of its columns.

Notes Field
This field lets you record notes about a given customer.

Feedback Summary Table
This table presents summaries of all feedback a given customer has submitted about you.

My Customers -- Customer Lists Management Page

The Customer Lists Page is where you manage all your Customer Lists, including creating, editing, renaming or deleting them.

Several Customer Lists are created by default: Unassigned, New Customers, and Blocked. Any other Customer List names must be created by you.

The Blocked List
Any given customer can be moved to your Blocked list by clicking his or her checkbox from the My Customers Main View, then clicking the Block button. Once a customer is removed from the Blocked list, he or she is placed in the Unassigned list.

Customer Lists
You can create a Customer List by clicking on the "Manage Your Customer Lists, then clicking on "new" and entering a new list name. This new list name will appear in your table of Customer Lists, where you can edit it to add and remove customer names.

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