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Psychics don’t always have it easy. Unfortunately, television and movies, uninformed media, phonies pretending to have spiritual powers, and swirling skepticism in general, have all manifested into several myths that give those with a true gift a bad name. You want to feel confident that you can find a psychic who is trustworthy and has your best interests in mind and guess what? That’s actually the norm. Also, it’s important to understand what a psychic can and cannot do, so to clear up any confusion, here are TK myths about psychics—busted! 

Myth 1: All Psychics Can Predict Exact Dates and Times

Sure, you’ve read about famous psychics who predicted life-changing events pertaining to history, death, and tragedy, but let’s be clear: this is not always the norm. The role of a psychic is to relay information to you regarding a particular situation. It’s up to you to manifest this advice and turn it into a reality. Circumstances can change, which means exact dates and times are difficult to predict. This is not to say that you won’t receive advice regarding a specific time frame, however. 

Myth 2: Psychics Can Place A Curse On You

One surefire way to spot a phony psychic is if he/she is asking for money to try to rid you of a curse or a fated destiny of doom—never fall for this trap. On the flipside they may threaten to put a curse on you if you don’t fork over more dough. Again, this is a complete scam. A psychic cannot place a curse on you. If you encounter such an individual, run the other direction. 

Myth 3: A Psychic Will Research You Before A Reading 

Psychics aren’t reporters preparing to interview a subject. They rely on their gifts to tap into your energy fields during a session. This could be via a birth chart, seeing visions, working with angels or spirit guides, tarot cards (or another divination tool), or their own personal method. 

Myth 4: A Psychic Will Deliver Really Bad News

A psychic isn’t going to tell you when you or a loved one is going to die or acquire a life-threatening illness, or any other form of terrible news. In fact, you’ll be happy to know there is a code of ethics that hinders them from providing you with information that could be mentally damaging or fruitless to the client. Instead, they will give you insight on things you can do to prevent unfavorable scenarios down the road. 

Myth 5: Only Real Psychics Can Read Without Questions

If you want to waste your time and money, try testing a psychic to “guess” what you are thinking about instead of discussing the problem at hand. The dialogue you have with a psychic is what will ultimately provide you with the best and most useful reading. Just be careful not to give away the horse with the barn—in other words, don’t give away too much information. 

Myth 6: They Know Every Detail About You

Some people feel self-conscious during a reading (even the online versions) because they believe a psychic knows every detail about them. The truth is, a psychic can only tune into so much information, which during a reading, is pertaining to the issue you are discussing. So, to be clear, the don’t know what you’re wearing, the last time you had sex, or whether or not your house is clean. 

Myth 7: All Readings Are 100 Percent Accurate 

Of course,you want an accurate reading, but aforementioned, you are responsible for manifesting the information you receive during your session into reality. You’re not going to land that job or heal your broken relationship by sitting around doing nothing. Use the advice you receive to be proactive in order to achieve the highest level of accuracy. And sometimes, things don’t work out—but that’s life, not a myth.

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