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For better or for worse, love and relationship readings are perhaps one of the most popular requests psychics receive—and with good reason. People want to know if their partnership is headed for destiny or doom, whether or not a significant other is being unfaithful, and so many other matters of the heart that require more than a one-size-fit all solution. But it’s important to keep in mind before booking a psychic reading that an expert will not be able to forecast every detail involving your relationship—no matter how talented and connected to the spiritual world he/she may be. Here’s what everyone should know about what a psychic can and can’t tell about past, present, and future during a relationship psychic reading.

What A Psychic Can Tell 

Your path to a successful and happy relationship: One of the best love questions to ask a psychic involves figuring out the keys to success before a relationship becomes overly problematic. This is not about receiving information on specifics (more on that later), rather, it’s about allowing a psychic to present the path to a successful relationship, keeping in mind that the future is not predetermined and everyone has to choose their own path in order to determine the outcome. 

How to attract the right person: A psychic won’t be able to definitively answer whether or not someone is “the one” (they can’t read another person without him/her being present), but an advisor can provide guidance on how to make the best decisions in life and relationships so that it’s more probable that a client will attract the right person in their life.

What A Psychic Cannot 

Whether or not an ex is coming back: It’s not uncommon for psychics to be inundated with questions about whether or not an ex will come back into one’s life, typically because people tend to feel as though they “can’t live without” him or her after a breakup. What a psychic advisor can assist with is helping one navigate the end of a relationship (to include what’s happening behind the scenes such as past life restrictions) so that realistic expectations are in place in order to move forward—even if the ex comes back into the picture.

Predicticting marriage: When one will get married and/or ever meet their soulmate are other popular questions asked during a love psychic reading. As with any topic, it’s important to remember that psychics cannot predict exact dates and times of a union or meeting someone because Information that comes from the spiritual world isn’t framed in a linear time context. Relationship choices are free will, therefore no psychic can predict exactly what a client will do with their power to create. A psychic can provide insight regarding the energy surrounding a particular relationship, whether or not there’s a contract or agreement between two souls (which does not necessarily indicate wedding bells are in the future), and how to navigate difficulties surrounding commitment or other relationship roadblocks. 
Love and relationship readings are one of the most popular requests on Keen, likely because issues pertaining to matters of the heart can be confusing, frustrating, and sad. Even perfect relationships can benefit from advice to ensure your union remains as harmonious as possible. Whether you’re single, attached, or looking for love, book a session with one of our advisors today!

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