What it means to be clairaudient

Did you ever hear your name being called and no one is around? Do you become on edge when you’re around a lot of noise? Do you frequently talk to yourself? Does everyone consider you their unofficial therapist? Well, then you may have clairaudient powers. What is a clairaudient you ask? Not to be confused with clairvoyance (the ability to see people, animals, or objects to translate a message) or clairsentience (the gift of picking up on energy through touch), clairaudience is a psychic skill that makes it possible for an individual to channel messages in thought forms from an entity that exists in another realm. But that’s just the beginning. Let’s take a closer look at what it means to be clairaudient. 

How Clairaudients Transmit a Message 

Clairaudient individuals are typically highly intuitive, which isn’t a surprise because that’s one of the major signs of having a psychic ability. They’re able to extend their hearing to go beyond the physical world in order to reach the world beyond. Unlike other psychic gifts that rely on spirits to transmit a message, clairaudients listen to their own voice. The message might be music, random sounds, phrases, names, or specific words. As if that doesn’t sound otherworldly enough, the internal voice can sound as if it’s reverberating from another dimension or as close as if someone was speaking next to you. It’s also possible to have clairaudient dreams. 

There’s One Drawback…

While there’s no doubt that clairaudience is a gift, some individuals feel as though they’re going off the deep end—even going crazy. The difference between having a psychic gift and actually going psychotic is that the psychic experience is about positively providing guidance regarding an occasional occurrence or incident whereas on the flip side, there’s no grasp of reality at all. Once an individual is able to accept their gift and see its value, it feels a lot less scary. 

Exercises to Develop Potential Clairvoyant Powers

Psychic abilities come easier to some people more than others, but that doesn’t mean one’s ability can’t be developed with a little practice and patience. Here are some ways to develop clairvoyant powers. 

  • Use Your Intuition: Hear that inner-voice talking to you? Trust it. That’s called using your intuition. Get used to acting on your gut instinct and see where it takes you. To help you build confidence in your psychic ability, keep a journal of the times when your intuition was spot-on. 
  • Listen Closely: Clairaudient individuals generally love their alone time so this one should be easy. Find a quiet room (or a place outside) without any distractions—that means music, the television, your phone, etc. If you’re indoors, open the window. Take a few moments to capture each specific sound you hear so you can broaden your senses, whether it’s the sound of children playing, a barking dog, the wind through the trees, a police siren in the distance; soak it all up. This exercise can help you access different channels. 

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