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So you finally decided that you want to connect with a psychic—great! Chances are, there’s something on your mind that sent you looking for spiritual advice, as that’s typically why people reach out to a psychic in the first place. But while you know you want to inquire about something related to your career, love life, health, or divine being, perhaps you don’t know specifically how to go about that in a session. Relax, you already have enough on your mind, so take a look at this handy reference guide to asking questions during a psychic reading.

How To Phrase Your Questions

Before we get into what you should ask, let’s briefly discuss what you shouldn’t ask—rather, how you should and shouldn’t ask it.


  • Avoid questions that will only manifest into a “yes” or “no” response as that’s not going to help you resolve your concern.
  • Don’t get too specific. It’s impossible for a psychic to know if an event—or series of events—is going to occur because the reading itself could alter a date, time, place, or moment.
  • Avoid repharasing the same question if you were unsatisfied with the first response. Trust that your psychic advisor is giving you the best information (to their ability) that’s in your best interest.


  • Ask open-ended questions that give the psychic an opportunity to elaborate and give specific advice pertaining to your situation. Leave room for the psychic to add relevant and available details.
  • Phrase questions with a spirit of positivity rather than negativity as this can affect the energy in your reading—and not in a good way.

Popular Questions To Ask During A Psychic Reading

Drawing a blank? Here are some of the most popular questions that are asked (Psst! And they are phrased correctly, too!).


What can you tell me about…

  • my purpose in life?
  • the friendships I keep?
  • the location where I wish to move?
  • my past lives?
  • what my pet(s) think/feel?
  • the steps I must take to improve upon my goals/passions?


  • What will life be like in (enter time period) with my current partner?
  • How can I strengthen my bond with my partner?
  • What can you tell me about my relationship with my partner?
  • What’s stopping me from finding love?
  • Where’s the best place(s) for me to find love?


How can I….

  • develop a better, deeper relationship with my children?
  • find time to balance my relationship between my husband and children?
  • find personal time without abandoning my family?
  • improve upon my relationship with my in-laws?
  • work on my relationship to avoid divorce?
  • know when a divorce is inevitable?
  • improve the energy in my home?
  • make my family closer?


  • How can I improve my career and financial future?
  • What steps do I need to take in order to get a promotion?
  • How can I ask for a raise?
  • What can I do to have a better relationship with my co-workers?

When You Don’t Know What To Ask

Sometimes you’re simply at a crossroads and there’s just too many things swirling around in your head to even think about generating a list of questions—no problem! In this case, you can still book a session with a psychic for a general reading so he/she can guide you in the areas in your life where you have questions, trepidation, fear, or confusion. Don’t be afraid to be honest with your psychic about the fact that you’re having a difficult time. Negative energy can disrupt a reading, but only if there’s not a mutual understanding of your current state in life.  Be open with your psychic and start receiving guidance on your journey.

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