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So, perhaps you’ve loosely used the term “psychic powers” without realizing there’s no one-size-fits-all description behind its meaning. A person with such capabilities can do so much more than simply look into your future—and forget the erroneous notion that readers use a crystal ball to get the job done.

In actuality, there are several spiritual and intuitive gifts that are used to provide guidance and answers to the recipient. Ahead, 13 of some of the most popular psychic powers you should have on your radar.

The Six Clair Senses

You may have heard of someone having a sixth sense, but did you know that there are actually six different kinds of “senses” known as clairs?

Clairvoyance: The ability to see things that the human eye cannot see physically, be it a person, thing, or animal.

Clairaudience: Being able to hear the thoughts or words of spirits—or music and nature-related sounds—via personal possessions, inanimate objects, or in a medium form.

Clairsentience: The capability to know personal information (think name, work profession, birthday, zodiac sign) of a total stranger.

Clairalience: The ability to have psychic intel by smell—even if the smell is from a spirit that nobody else in the room can detect.

Clairgustance: Similar to the aforementioned, except regarding taste.

Claircognizance: A gut instinct that turns out to be correct.

Aura Readings

Psychics have the ability to see the electromagnetic field (a flow of ionized particles if you want to get technical) of all living things, people included. A reader can detect one’s energy by seeing colors, patterns, and vibrations—each exclusive to one another.


Being able to read another individual’s mind and/or transmit information to another individual without speaking.

Remote Viewing

The ability to collect insights about a person, place, or an event occurring in a far-flung location without tapping into any of the senses. It’s not like watching a movie, mind you. The psychic can only see bits and pieces and from there, he/she makes an interpretation.

Automatic Writing

The ability to write letters, documents, or simply phrases out of a spiritual subconscious without being aware of it. Automatic writers may be able to channel a spirit or presence and write on their behalf.


A psychic power that allows the reader to see future events through a gut instinct, visions, or random thoughts. Psychic advisors with precognition also have a talent for making connections between past or present events in order to predict future outcomes.

Energy Healing

This is a power that you may already be familiar with. If you’ve ever experienced acupuncture, reiki, tai chi, qigong, or crystal work, then you’ve had energy work. An alternative form of medicine, this form of healing involves hands-on and off work to help balance the body.


By touching inanimate objects, a psychic can get a strong sense of its previous owner and any potential story/history behind the item and/or person.


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