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The colors contained in your aura w reveal the basic nature of the soul, the emotions, or, in auric healing, the nature of any dysfunctions taking place in the physical body.

Inner Aura

RED: Vitality, energy, strength, creativity, passion.

ORANGE: Freedom, individualism, wisdom, healing, transmutation.

YELLOW: Intelligence, motivation, joy, the life force, self-confidence.

GREEN: Strength, balance, harmony, life, growth on all levels.

BLUE: Spirituality, meditation, rising consciousness, peace, altruism.

INDIGO: Physical and higher vision, enlightenment, oneness, serenity, devotion.

VIOLET: Stimulation, purification, inspiration, high ideals, God consciousness.

Outer Aura

RED: Sexual passion, attraction, anger, frustration, physical and mental vitality.

ORANGE: New ideas, tolerance, cheerfulness, futility, lack of purpose.

YELLOW: Courage or lack of it, curiosity, knowledge, self-confidence or the lack of it, communication.

GREEN: Prosperity consciousness, health, strength, generosity or miserliness, jealousy.

BLUE: Comfort, interest in science, loyalty or the lack of it, inner peace or the lack of it, truthfulness or the lack of it. Related health problems: Sore throats, thyroid troubles, goiter, fevers and epilepsy.

INDIGO: Comprehension, understanding or the lack of it; the ability to listen; withdrawal from the world, humanitarianism. Related health problems: Eye problems, hearing loss, pneumonia, cerebral palsy, and inner ear troubles.

VIOLET: Artistic talent, creativity, hypersensitivity, alienation, the Highest Wisdom. Related health problems: Nervous and mental disorders, headaches, kidney and liver troubles, meningitis.

Other Colors and Their Influence

WHITE: Purity, protection, luminosity, the all-seeing eye, clarity. Related health problems. None. White is a color of healing.

PINK: Love, affection, the desire to do well, or the lack of it. Related health problems: None known.

GRAY: Fear, paranoia, survival instinct or the lack of it. Related health problems: Anything that can be exacerbated by fear.

BROWN: Brown is the color of illness, and the deeper the shade, the more serious the illness. If even the slightest tinge of brown appears in a person’s aura, that person needs to see a doctor immediately.

BLACK: If black appears in a person’s aura, that person doesn’t have long to live.

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