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A mediumship reading is like no other psychic reading available, which is probably why it’s somewhat of a controversial practice. In a nutshell, psychic mediums have a gift of communicating with spirits and the deceased — but not with the intention of stirring up something sinister. In fact, psychic medium readings can actually be extremely helpful, especially for those coping with the loss of a loved one or pet. Much like a form of spiritual counseling, a mediumship reading can help those in the land of the living gain closure, find comfort, lessen feelings of grief, and get answers to unresolved questions. 

Since this is no ordinary reading, you’ve really got to make sure that you take ample time to prepare — and we’re not just talking about coming up with a list of questions. But not to worry. You need not be psychic to figure out what to do. Ahead, the best way to prepare for a mediumship reading so you can get the most out of your session. 

Find the right medium for you

As with any psychic reading, you have to find an advisor you connect with because feeling comfortable is the key to a successful session. Sure, this can be difficult to do from a distance, but browsing our database of mediums on Psychic Center is a great place to start. Take time to thoroughly read through profiles and user reviews that catch your interest — you can tell a lot about a person based on the effort they put into their page as well as experience from previous clients. Remember, if you don’t gel with the medium during the first session, cut it short and go back to the drawing board. The best part about telephone readings is that a medium can’t read you and you have total anonymity, so you’re less apt to feel uncomfortable. 

Check-in with yourself

Before you go into a reading, check-in with yourself and see where you are on an emotional level. If you’re overly sad or depressed (and be honest), it may be better to seek the help of a counselor before a medium as the experience may be too overwhelming at this time. 

Keep an open (and calm) mind

Just like the law of attraction in relationships, like attracts like, so if you go into a mediumship reading with a negative attitude you’re only apt to get a negative result. Not to mention,  antagonism can seriously interfere with a medium’s ability to communicate with the spirit world, so you’re basically sabotaging the experience. The best way to approach a reading is with an open mind. It can be helpful to meditate for about 15 minutes beforehand so you can clear your mind of distractions. If you’re frazzled, you may not be able to answer important questions or process the information being relayed to you. Replace your to-do list with thoughts of the loved one you wish to speak about during your session so that you’re already tuned in before speaking with your medium. 

Don’t show up under the influence

Even if your reading is over the phone, never mix spirits with spirits. Not only are you wasting the medium’s time, but you’re wasting yours as well as it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to process information, let alone remember it. Not to mention, your loose lips may prompt you to feed the medium with information, thus making you falsely believe he/she was really “spot on.” 

Don’t forget your pen and paper

As much as you mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for a medium reading, you may find that it’s a rather draining experience that extrapolates all sorts of feels. Even if your psychic is working with an audio recorder, the best thing you can do for yourself is to take detailed notes during your session. Technical difficulties aside, good old-fashioned pen and paper make it easy to write down the things that are important to you, ranging from keywords, phrases, advice from a loved one — anything goes. Then you have something tangible to go back to afterward. Perhaps your notes will shed light on new ways to stay connected, find closure, or something completely unrelated that you never noticed before. Also, don’t toss what you wrote down as this information can be helpful for your next session. 

Set realistic expectations

Sometimes a medium can’t fully tune in so the communication is more like a fuzzy television screen. Accept the fact that some of the information may be off from time-to-time but if your initial reading wasn’t so hot, try out a different medium. Don’t let one bad apple in the cart discourage you from finding the medium who has what it takes to provide you with the answers you are seeking. 
Ready to communicate with a deceased loved one or gain insight from your spirit guides? Check out our directory of psychic mediums and find the best advisor for you. Get ready to open some spiritual doors.

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