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Among the five main types of psychic readings, spiritual mediumship readings are the most misunderstood—and maybe feared—because they involve the expertise of a specific type of spiritual advisor who has a gift of communicating with the deceased. While this may sound a bit unsettling, rest assured it’s nothing like the sensationalized images you’ve seen in the movies. In fact, a spiritual psychic reading can provide several benefits, including closure, comfort, the ability to heal, clarity into unanswered questions, and the lessening of grief. Think of it as a form of spiritual counseling. Here’s a closer look at what’s involved in a spiritual reading so that you can feel calm and comfortable receiving one if you’re ever in need. 

Why Get a Spiritual Psychic Reading? 

If you’ve ever lost someone you love (person or pet), then you know very well the magnitude of heart-wrenching anguish you felt. People typically seek out a spiritual psychic reading if they are having difficulties gaining closure, whether that’s because you parted on bad terms, never had a chance to say a proper goodbye, or simply cannot let go in order to move forward with life. 

How a Spiritual Psychic Reading Works

Each medium has their own way of communicating with spirits however, they typically rely on 

intuitive abilities and extrasensory perception such as inner sensing, seeing, and hearing to correspond with the deceased. Spirits vibrate at a higher frequency than living beings so, in order to make contact, a medium must raise their vibration while the spirit has to lower theirs. As they are meeting in the middle, this is how the term medium was transpired. This is not always easy to do as a medium has to maintain this higher vibration long enough to obtain a message (and interpret it) from the deceased so it can be passed along to the living loved one.

Preparing for a Spiritual Reading by Phone

Contrary to what you may think, you need not be face-to-face with an advisor. It actually is possible to have a spiritual reading by phone. As with all readings, make sure you do your research. Spiritual readings actually take a little bit of extra time to plan out because you’re going to want to understand your family’s history, including the lineage of your spouse/significant other’s side if applicable. If you’re inquiring about a pet, try to provide as much information as you possibly have about their past. Open-ended questions are the key to getting you the clarity and comfort you’re seeking, so think “What does my dad think about the life choices I’ve made,” versus “Is dad proud of me.” Spiritual readings can be quite emotional so remember that you’ve got to be prepared for what you’ll hear—for better or for worse. Make sure you’re in a strong enough emotional state before seeking this type of clarity. 

While the thought of communicating with a deceased loved one can give you butterflies in your stomach, it’s important that you remain calm and have a positive attitude. Just like the law of attraction in relationships, like attracts like, so if you go into a mediumship reading with a negative attitude you’re only apt to get a negative result. Take about 15 minutes before your reading to check in with yourself. Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, and fill your mind with positive thoughts about your loved one. If you’re feeling anxious, you may not be able to truly process all of the information given to you—let alone answer any questions. 

Ready to communicate with a deceased loved one? Check out our directory of psychic mediums and then do your homework. Along with looking at factors such as credentials, areas of expertise, and reviews, you then have to make sure you’re comfortable with and trust (use your best instincts) your medium as you’ll be opening many spiritual doors during your session.

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