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The holidays may be touted as “the most wonderful time of the year,” but for some, it can be an overly nostalgic period due to the loss of a loved one—especially when engaging in old traditions. If this sounds like you, give yourself the gift of a mediumship reading.

What is a psychic medium you ask? This intuitive individual has the gift of communicating with the deceased—like a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. Each medium has their own way of working and corresponding with the spirit world, but unlike other astrologers, they don’t usually use divination tools like astrology, tarot, etc., to do so. Rather, they rely on their intuition and mental images or audible messages.

So, why is it helpful to see a medium if you’re feeling the holiday blues? 

It’s advantageous to visit a medium because they are typically able to pass along a message to the deceased. So, if you’re missing the presence of a loved one, this specific type of advisor can help you connect with them. Perhaps you want to receive closure or get clarity on unanswered questions. Or maybe you just want to experience their presence during the holiday season. Just keep in mind that it’s possible you may hear something that you don’t want to hear. Consider whether or not that would make you feel worse—especially when holiday emotions are already running high. 

On a lighter note…

Mediums can also help you connect with the living, too! In this case, they can help you tune into one’s thoughts and channel their desires so you can find the perfect holiday gifts for everyone on your list. This would be considered one of the more inspirational readings a medium can conduct. 

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