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While you may casually read your horoscope, did you ever stop to wonder how the stars actually apply to you? After all, even though two Scorpios may have similar traits, we are each on our own life path. This is where an astrology reading comes into play. Not only is it a deeper dive than your daily horoscope, but it can help you gain insight on your love life, career, family matters, and everything in between. Here’s a closer look at what goes into a session

What Happens In An Astrology Reading 

Your psychic advisor will typically begin a reading by using your birth chart as a tool to learn more about you. This encompasses your strengths, hidden talents, and areas where you are challenged. Remember, astrology readings are non-judgemental, so you need not feel embarrassed or self-conscious. Look at them as a tool to help you find your soul purpose in life. To accomplish this, your psychic advisor will look for specific themes in your chart. He/she can see what your higher self desires to do in the present, as well as the near future. The bottom line is that astrology readings are excellent resources for targeting your wants, needs, beliefs, and desires—you can even measure your results with those of a significant other in a comparison reading to see if you’re both on the same page. Where relationships are concerned, sometimes it’s a give and take situation. 

How To Determine The Best Reading For You

It’s possible that you may want to book a reading because you’re feeling a bit lost and would like to see what the stars have in store, and that’s perfectly okay. However, some of the most common reasons why people seek and advisor include: self-exploration, a desire to comprehend the cycles of your life, relationship dynamics (be it love, friendship, or business), drawing up a plan for conquering road blocks, determining your life path, charting out goals for the year, and determining the best time to start a new project. Not to get too complicated, but there are different forms of astrology readings, which pinpoint a specific topic/question you may be seeking advice on. For example: 

  • Question: “What can I expect from my new relationship and how can I prepare for what’s next?”
  • Synastry: This type of astrology reading is perfect if you want to get down to the nitty gritty details of a particular relationship based on how the planets affect one another. Look at it as the ultimate compatibility test. 
  • Question: “How can I prepare for any upcoming challenges so I can find my soul purpose?
  • Soul Purpose: While you can’t create a game plan for everything life throws your way, a soul purpose reading gives you some insight on what to expect using a blend of astrology, tarot, and numerology. 
  • Question: “Why is this person in my life?”
  • Karmic Relationship: We tend to meet and travel with people from a past life whose goal is to learn and experience the present—quite possibly with you. Advisors often consider these types of relationships soulmates.
  • Question: “Where is the best place for me to find love/move/work, etc.?”
  • Relocation: This reading is a good pick if you’re considering making a major change that involves relocating, whether that means a new office on the other side of town or a new home across the country.   
  • Question: “What are some of my strengths and weaknesses?”
  • Natal: This reading is a deeper dive into your birth chart so you can begin to have a real sense of self-discovery.

Not sure where to begin? Sign up for a reading with one of our expert advisors who can help you determine the best personalized astrology reading for you at this time in your life.

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