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Spirit guides are one of the biggest mysteries of the spiritual world—but they do in fact exist and we all have them—in fact, several of them. They are categorized into major guides who help you out regularly with major life issues, and minor guides who assist with smaller, daily concerns and struggles. These stereotypical forces show up in various forms, to include animals, angels, ancient gods or goddesses, fabled creatures, an otherworldly being, or even an ancestor. 

While that may sound a bit unsettling, the reality is that the role of spirit guides is to help teach, warn, support, and comfort us throughout our lives so that we can grow. Spirit guides can also help support your spiritual self-care routine. A spiritual advisor may call on the help of a spiritual guide during a session in order to receive more clarity about a situation. This intel makes a reading all the more powerful. If this whole concept is new to you, take a look at this list of the different types of spiritual guides that are assisting you through life, in good times and in bad. 


Animals are perhaps one of the more “normal” spirit guides as they are something we associate with in our regular lives. Full of wisdom, animals are representative of one’s inner-feelings and needs. Along with humanoid animals, spirit animals are also included in this category, which means your deceased pet could serve as one of your guides and have a calming effect you need to get through a difficult time. 

Mythical Beings

This type of spiritual guide is a bit hard for some people to wrap their head around as it includes mythical creatures such as elves, fairies, dragons, sirens, beasts, and more, but it’s not uncommon for psychic advisors to tap into such guides, as wild as it may sound. 

Friends From A Past Life 

If you’ve ever been curious about past lives, this is an interesting one because sometimes spiritual guides appear as friends you had in a past life. This could be from any period in time—even the ancient world. 

Guardian Angels

Perhaps one of the most common types of spiritual guides is the guardian angel (also known as light beings), which can be seen anywhere from paintings to frescos to churches—even fashion and home decor. Guardian angels are in our lives to help us get through a hard time such as death or loss. 

Gods and Goddesses

Both worshiped and feared, Gods and goddesses have been present in various religions and cultures around the world since the beginning of time. History books (and movies) have made us familiar with greats such as Apollo, Quan Yin, Lakshmi, Athena, Ishtar, Tiamat, Zeus, Oden, and Durga, to name a few. 


Leafy green plants may not be the first thing you think of when considering various types of spiritual guides, but the connection goes back to the Shamans who believe that everything in the world is comprised of dynamic, living energy—much like plants. The 

Ayahuasca plant from Peru is noted for its ability to connect with the spirits of nature, which gave it the nickname “the vine of the souls.” 


These half man (or woman), half animal creatures can appear as a centaur, mermaid, sphinx, faun, fairie, or a deity such as a Ra (human body, falcon head) or Ganesha (human body, elephant head), etc. Trans-species are a popular form of spirit guide. 


Ancestral guides are connected to your blood line, so this person could be a member of your close family (such as a recently deceased parent), or a relative you never met who lived centuries before you. The messages received from ancestors can be rather profound and have an impact on your life. 

Deceased Loved Ones

In this case, the deceased is someone who was close to you and had a chance to spend time with when they were alive. Their role is to watch over you and provide assistance and guidance. This is the most common type of spirit guide, one that is oftentimes the most comforting, too. 

Ascended Masters

This type of spiritual guide previously lived on earth and was reincarnated into something else after being enlightened. Ascended masters are the ultimate educators and are considered the gateway to the divine. Some examples include Confucius, Jesus and Mary, Buddah, Kuthumi, and many more. Their role is to teach anyone who calls upon them how to achieve a greater sense of completeness and balance in their life. 

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