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2020 put us through the wringer for more reasons than one, so there’s no doubt most of us are ready for a fresh start. In other words, a spiritual renewal. A new year reset is a good time to reflect on your accomplishments and hardships while working towards your goals. But preparing for a new year spiritually is about more than just vocalizing your resolutions when the clock strikes midnight. Here are ten effective ways to reset, renew, and refresh your spirituality so that you can make 2021 a year to remember — in a good way.

1. Write a Reflection Letter

Start the year off by writing a reflection letter to yourself — and don’t hold back. Discuss the highs, lows, what you seemed to have focused on the most, the things you’ll continue to do in the new year, and those you’d like to change in 2021. This exercise will help you create your New Year’s resolutions. 

2. Rephrase Your New Year’s Resolutions 

Most people fail to achieve their New Year’s resolutions because they’re not realistic (“I’m going to lose 40 pounds in ten days”), or they cave into the pressure they feel to achieve everything on their list by the end of the year. One of the best spiritual ways to bring in the new year is to make your resolutions more attainable by using the “more” or “less” list format. Perhaps you want to do more exercising and attention to your side gig, and less spontaneous online shopping and wine drinking on the weekends.  

3. Practice Gratitude 

No matter how bad things in your life — or the world — may seem, never forget to practice gratitude every single day. There’s always something that you can be grateful for, whether that’s a refrigerator full of food, a phone call with your parents, kudos from your boss on a recent project — anything goes. A gratitude journal can help you keep perspective as you can look back at it any time you’re feeling lost, low, or lonely. 

4. Surround Yourself With Motivating Messages

Inspirational quotes and motivating messages can help boost your confidence and keep you focused on your new year reset. Different ways to showcase the words of wisdom can be a poster, frame on your desk, the cover of your daily notebook or journal, your screen saver on your phone, or even a Post-it note hand-written by you on your bathroom mirror. 

5. Make Monthly Dates — With Yourself

Here’s a startling statistic: Only 6.6 percent of Americans over the age of 25 put aside time to focus on themselves. When you get stuck riding the hamster wheel, it can be challenging to be in tune with your spirituality. While self-care tactics such as meditation, exercise, getting enough sleep, eating a proper diet, etc., are things you can and should be doing daily, make a date with yourself to do something a bit extra once a month. Perhaps that’s booking a facial or a massage, taking yourself out to a nice meal at a new place you wanted to check out, or even giving yourself permission to stay in your pajamas all day and binge-watch your favorite shows. 

6. Spend More Time Outdoors 

The lockdown(s) of 2020 was a test of strength and mental willpower, so now more than ever, you need to reconnect with your spiritual self by getting outside. While there may still be restrictions in place for a while, nothing can stop you from spending some time in the great outdoors. Anything from a 15-minute walk around the block on your lunch break to spending the afternoon in a forest preserve or park on the weekend can do wonders for clearing your mind. 

7. Execute Random Acts of Kindness 

Not only does a random act of kindness have a positive impact on the recipient, but it will also give you an emotional boost as well. Being kind can make you happier, fuel self-esteem, and according to science, help you live longer and have a healthier heart (who couldn’t get on board with that?). There’s no need to overthink this one. Buy the cup of coffee for the person behind you in line, drop off blankets or supplies at a local pet shelter, donate to a food bank — anything goes. 

8. Learn to Love Yourself

Self-love is not always easy, but it is vital if you’re going to reset, renew, and refresh your spirituality. Also, sometimes we love ourselves more than others, so self-acceptance is a work in progress. Some tactics to help you on your path include throwing out the idea that you have to be perfect, live in the moment, self-care, realize you can’t control everything, and get rid of negative people and things in your life. 

9. Start Journaling

Unlike a gratitude journal, the journaling process involves writing down all of your thoughts and feelings to help you reflect, analyze, and discover yourself and the life path you’re on. There are copious benefits such as increased self-awareness, improved mental clarity, mental health, emotional healing, spiritual growth, increased creativity, and decreased anxiety. To get the most out of the journaling experience, pick the same time each day to write so that you stick with it. Don’t worry about perfect writing or grammar. Just be honest with your thoughts and feelings and dig deep — you’ll likely want to keep your journal private for this reason. If you have writer’s block, ask yourself questions such as how you’re feeling today, what challenges you’re currently facing, or what you think your dream meant last night. 

10. Figure Out What’s Keeping You From Your Goals 

Many people consider a psychic advisor a source to provide insight into love and relationships, career, and grief. Still, the truth of the matter is, these intuitive gurus can also help guide you on the right spiritual path, too. We’re not talking about religion here; instead, the quality and connection of the human spirit that has nothing to do with material possessions or physical objects. Since life can feel unbalanced and heavy at times, it’s not uncommon to put your spiritual needs on the back burner, leading to unhealthy habits — which is no way to start the new year. Let one of our Psychic Center advisors help you remove any roadblocks preventing you from achieving your goals and resolutions in 2021.


We’re all ready for a fresh start in 2021, but it takes more than vocalizing your resolutions to make things happen. Take a proactive approach to achieve your goals by resetting, renewing, and refreshing your spirituality. This means taking actions such as learning to love yourself, making random acts of kindness, and journaling to be more in tune with your spiritual self. Of course, this is sometimes easier said than done, so speaking to a psychic can help you kick negative habits and remove any roadblocks preventing you from achieving your goals, from small to lofty. 

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