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Did you know that every night when you go to sleep, you take a shamanic journey? Though it’s an unconscious voyage into the spirit world, your soul leaves your body to explore other cosmos while you’re immersed in dreamland. Your soul may be trying to guard itself against trauma or harm, though that’s certainly not the only reason why it leaves our body. Most people aren’t capable of abandoning their bodies at will, which is where shamanic healing can come into use — let’s take a closer look. 

What is Shamanic Healing? 

A shaman is a healer who has been summoned to be the mediator between the spirit world and another person. This intervention typically begins by asking the spirit guides to heal spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or even physically. A shaman’s gift is truly one of commitment. They need to devote copious hours to developing valuable relationships with benevolent spirits that are available and willing to aid in the healing process. These spirits can appear in many forms, including a felt or seen image, a form of nature, a mythical creature or being, or a spirit animal — which is deeply connected to shamanic folklore. 

It’s believed that all of us have a spirit animal (or totem or power animal) by our side as a protector, as well as a guide. Whatever animal is beside us is a symbol of what we need in our lives right now. For example, if it’s an owl, you’re being guided to use wisdom and intuitive knowledge. If your spirit animal gets lost or leaves you for whatever reason, a shaman can help bring them back, much like a missing soul. Those who don’t have a spirit animal are said to be prone to illness and bad luck. 

No matter what type of energies — or spirits — a shaman works with on your behalf, the goal is to work with them to gain insight from non-ordinary reality to gain understanding about our lives in real life. 

Defining The Shamanic Journey 

When taking a shamanic journey, there are three worlds to discover: 

  • The Lower World: The lowest level is associated with nature and the earth — you may even arrive here via water or a forest, for example. Here is where our spirit animals and ancestors exist, but it’s also where we unconsciously record and develop our thoughts and ideas.  
  • The Middle World: While there are similarities to the lower level, the middle is where a shaman retreats to when looking to find a remedy for a healing ceremony. There are many layers to be found here — from hidden energy and overwhelming extra-sensory perceptions — making it difficult to navigate.
  • The Upper World: Just like heaven, the upper level is where angels, spirit guides, and cosmic entities exist. A shaman will typically enter this world when seeking divine guidance, perhaps to help heal a terminal illness or other traumatic life experience.  

How Shamanic Healing Works 

As aforementioned, when it comes to shamanic healing techniques, the shaman essentially works together with spirits in the three different spiritual worlds. The shaman must enter a trance-like state to connect with spirits of any kind, from lost guides to animals and everything else in between. Sometimes, specific music that emulates a heartbeat or light drumming helps the shaman become entranced.

After setting a clear intention (this is important so that everyone is protected while entering a different realm), the shaman and these energy forces work together within the spiritual world. The goal is to help heal individuals who have a lost or damaged spiritual force field or have gone through a life-changing ordeal that is causing physical, mental, or emotional anguish — quite possibly all three. Shamans who have had a near-death experience may find it easier to take a shamanic voyage because they are already familiar with the feeling of leaving one’s body. 

What the Shamanic Healing Process Means for You

Have you had a traumatic, life-altering experience, or are you simply feeling a bit lost and unable to move forward with a particular aspect (or aspects) of your life? A shamanic healing session can help you get back on the track to happiness, health, and prosperity — for whatever that means to you. While everyone can attempt to develop some knowledge of what it means to contact spirits in non-ordinary reality, a shaman can serve as a safe connection between you and your guides in other worlds. They will ensure your soul remains protected and your best interests are in mind. If you’re not quite ready for a shamanic healing session, there are always our Psychic Center advisors who can provide you with guidance 24/7.

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