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Did you ever go through a bad experience that somehow turned out okay, and you said to yourself, “someone must have been looking out for me.” Well, that someone could have been your spirit guide. Whether or not you believe in them or are still on the fence, we all have spirit guides. In fact, you have at least one companion who is present at all times to assist you. So, what is a spirit guide, and how can you connect with yours? Read on to find out.

What Is A Spirit Guide? 

A spirit guide is a soul that has developed enough to help another soul with theirs. Guides have been incarnated as humans, so they understand the human experience. Spirit guides are capable of a level of non-judgment, compassion, and love that most of us can only imagine. While spirit guides won’t make decisions for you or tell you what to do (the same goes for psychics), they will provide guidance and support. They can also help you overcome any insecurities that hold you back from achieving your hopes, dreams, and wants. 

How Are Spirit Guides Assigned? 

Our higher self strategically chooses spirit guides based on which guides they think will do the best job to help support you based on your current needs. Once selected, the spirit needs to agree to become a spirit guide — they’re never forced or appointed against their will. 

As aforementioned, we all have one prevailing spirit guide who stays with us throughout our entire life, in good times and in bad. But you also have additional spirit guides who agree to help you for a specific reason. For example, coping with the loss of a loved one, finding the strength to start your own business, strengthening your current relationship, and pretty much anything else life throws your way. These guides may stay with you or come and go as they’re needed. Some spirit guides help more than one person, and some are just there to support you. 

How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guide 

First of all, don’t put a ton of pressure on yourself to have some otherworldly experience to know that you’ve found your spirit guide. Likely, you’ll just have an internal sense or see a hidden sign like a newspaper headline or lyrics to a song that connects to your calling. However, many psychics report other signs such as books falling off the shelf and sparks of light. Try the following exercises to find your spirit guide. 

  • Get in a spiritual mood: Dim the lights, put on some zen music, light a candle, invest in modalities like crystals or tarot cards, and use them to help you connect with the spiritual world. Once you feel tuned in, declare that you only wish to call upon trustworthy guides who want to help others. 
  • Put in a request: Your spirit guides aren’t going to bombard you. They’ll always respect your boundaries, so it’s up to you to request their assistance no matter how large (figuring out your life purpose) or small (help finding your phone) your request may be. As you make your request, choose a specific symbol to correspond with it. You’ll know when your spirit guide has joined you when the sign randomly pops up. 
  • Practice intuitive writing: Try practicing intuitive writing. Use one pen to write a question to your spirit guides and another to write their response using your intuition. 
  • Keep practicing: As with any occasion when you dip your toe in the spiritual pond, practice makes perfect. The more time you spend with your spirit guides, the easier it will be to contact them when needed. While you don’t need to know your spirit guide’s name(s), it can help you two connect on a deeper level. 

How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guide With Psychic Guidance 

Even with a lot of practice, sometimes it takes a spiritual advisor to help you flex your intuitive muscle and remove any potential roadblocks so that it’s easier to communicate with your spirit guides. Allow one of Psychic Center’s mediums to help you on your metaphysical path. 


A spirit guide is a soul that has reached a certain point in their evolution so that they are aware and expanded enough to assist another soul in their development. Guides have been incarnated as humans, so they understand the human experience. It’s possible to connect with your spirit guides by getting yourself in a spiritual mood, putting out a request, intuitive writing, and of course, practice. However, sometimes it takes the assistance of a psychic if you want to strengthen your relationship with your guides. 

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