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You finally decided to take the plunge and get your very first psychic reading, but before you actually talk to a psychic, there are some important things you should know. For example, love and relationships, future planning, and intuitive guidance are among the top reasons why people seek psychic advice. These inspirational readings are nothing like the hocus pocus you see in the movies, yet you do have to watch out for scammers. The best psychic readings have several benefits, including peace of mind, confidence, improved relationships, self-discovery, and closure — particularly for those who get a psychic medium reading. Depending on the reason why you’re seeking spiritual advice, it’s quite possible that you’ll experience more than one of these perks at the same time.

It’s important to choose an advisor who uses methods you feel comfortable with. If you are curious about Tarot or astrology, find a reader whose skills include these modalities. Have a question pertaining to matters of the heart? Speak to a love and relationship advisor. Since the idea of getting a reading may be new to you, here’s what you can expect before speaking to a psychic so that you can have the best psychic reading that provides you with the clarity and direction you need and deserve. 

Remote Psychic Readings Are Just As Effective

If you’re already on this website then you already know that the best psychic readings need not be face-to-face. We’re living in a digital age so we’re already accustomed to doing almost everything on our smartphone, tablet, or computer, so this situation is no different. In case you had any hesitation, a psychic phone reading or online psychic reading is just as effective as meeting an advisor in person. In fact, it’s actually preferable for a lot of people because you have total anonymity, which means there’s also less of a risk of being scammed because the psychic can’t be influenced by your mannerisms, clothing, etc. So then, how does a psychic phone reading work? 

  • Each psychic has a different way of tapping into a client’s energy field, or “logging on,” but typical methods include hearing guidance, tuning into energetic planes, seeing visions, working with angels or spirit guides, or simply intuition. If a psychic is channeling you, they need not be in the same room with you to accept intel from their guides — whether that’s their guides, or yours. It’s also possible that they may use divination tools such as tarot to help them connect. 
  • When you chat with a psychic online, a reading can last just a few minutes or as long as you require (an hour is a great time frame), and all you need is a good internet connection and your device. Online chat readings are great if you are in a public place or don’t want anyone to overhear your conversation. Just like with a phone reading, your advisor will be completely live and focused on you.

Your Reading Won’t Be Effective If You’re Not Prepared

Being prepared for a chat with a psychic is the key to any successful reading. Once you set an intention for your session (relationship issues, the desire to get a better job, determining if it’s a good time to move, etc.), come up with a list of open-ended questions such as, “What can I do to advance in my career?” Avoid passive (Will I?), reassurance (Should I?), or doubt-fueled inquiries. This is liable to lead to a basic “yes” or “no” response. Just be sure you’re not giving away the horse with the farm (too much information) or you could unintentionally set yourself up for a scam. This is what’s known as a cold psychic reading

The day of your reading, set aside about 15 minutes beforehand to relax and center yourself by closing your eyes and implementing some deep breathing or meditation techniques. This will help you clear your mind so that you’re ready to truly engage with the psychic and actually retain the information you’re given. If you’re having a bad day, it’s better to reschedule for a time when you’re head’s more in the game. 

There Are Limits to What Psychics Know About You

Some people become extremely self-conscious before speaking to a psychic because they believe a reader can literally read their mind — and maybe even visualize what they’re wearing or how they look. You can rest easy knowing that when a psychic logs into your energy field, it’s only so they can provide you with guidance pertaining to your questions or current situation. You should feel confident that when you chat with a psychic, your privacy is respected. 

You Can Always End a Reading if You’re Not Satisfied

Even though you researched and thought you found the best psychic for you, sometimes there’s just not a connection — and that’s ok. Better to cut the reading short then to feel inclined to stay on the phone for an hour despite not being satisfied. Just remember to do so with grace and kindness. Say something like, “I’m sorry, but I just don’t feel like we’re connecting. I appreciate your time but I’d like to end the call.” For your next round of research, consider taking a bit more time to read reviews and testimonials as well as biographies. 

Understand the Power of Psychic Medium Readings

Psychic medium readings are one of the most controversial and most difficult psychic powers to explain but rest assured, they are authentic and helpful for those who wish to connect with a loved one from the other side, heal from grief, gain closure, and to obtain advice from spirit guides. However, the best psychic medium readings can also provide you with answers or feedback from the deceased that you may not be prepared to hear. The grieving process is difficult as it is, so if you’re not in a mental or emotional place to handle a reading (for better or for worse), consider putting it off until you’re in a better state of mind. 

Set Realistic Expectations

Don’t go into a reading believing it’s going to help you create your own destiny, expect a spiritual advisor to make decisions for you, or that your timelines will be fulfilled. You’re in the driver’s seat so it’s up to you to take the advice and insight given to you from a psychic in order to choose the correct path for you

Ready to speak to a psychic? Receive clarity, guidance, and more by speaking to one of our advisors today. 

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